Welcome To CareZips®

After watching Caregivers struggle to change the adult briefs and seeing the discomfort the process caused to my parent, I thought surely there is a more efficient and more compassionate solution to address adult incontinence. From this need, the patented product CareZips® was formed. A pant unlike any other providing frontal opening from entire waist to both knees, enabling a faster change of the brief for the Caregiver while providing the adult more dignity, more comfort and confidence.

“You may use my quote, I mean every word of it. I purchase the pants for my 89 year mother-in-law who is handicapped. They are a godsend...they wear well, are comfortable and they make changing and bathroom breaks so much easier. You cannot tell they are not traditional pants and she loves that! I appreciate that you get them shipped out so quickly. Thank you.”

The Pants Look Traditional