Welcome To CareZips®

After watching Caregivers struggle to change the adult briefs and seeing the discomfort the process caused to my parent, I thought surely there is a more efficient and more compassionate solution to address adult incontinence. From this need, the patented product CareZips® was formed. A pant unlike any other providing frontal opening from entire waist to both knees, enabling a faster change of the brief for the Caregiver while providing the adult more dignity, more comfort and confidence.

“ My dad has Alzheimer's. He is not bed-bound but removing his pants causes combativeness. He stands to be changed for his incontinence issues. Then I found CareZips! We love them. Thanks for offering these! This market is so under served. I am surprised how many families have no idea there are products available to help them. My dad was never a sweat-pant kind of guy. I was so excited and pleased to find CareZips! His jeans are becoming quite faded and it cost me as much to adapt them as I can purchase CareZips for! And CareZips are or at least look so comfortable. Caregivers thank me almost daily! CareZips to the rescue. All of this adaptive clothing has been a tremendous help....toileting and changing clothes is such a struggle. Anything you can do to make it easier is welcome! ”