About CareZips®

Why are CareZips® easier & beneficial to the Caregivers?

  • Less back strain from leaning over/pushing/pulling/tugging
  • Increases your productivity in changing a brief, attending a cath bag or dressing a wound
  • Safer and easier to dress and undress those in your care
  • Makes handling a heavier adult easier

Why are CareZips® beneficial to the wearer?

  • Zippers were chosen over traditional snaps and Velcro for ease of use and dignity to resemble a traditional pant
  • Zippers specifically positioned in this patented design as to not create unwanted pressure points to the wearer should they be on their side
  • Fabric created with the wearer in mind to provide optimal comfort and flexibility
  • Twill weave to improve flexibility and breathability
  • Spandex to offer extra comfort of mobility so that it will not bind
  • Polyester rayon blend allows you to have the breathability, unlike traditional 100% polyester pants, yet still giving the wearer the durability
  • Soft twisted yarns used to give a nice luxurious feel

See CareZips® In Action


“I have worked with the CareZips® pants and have witnessed firsthand how it helps caregivers aid incontinent adults.”

» Sheila M., RN
April 2013 – Atlanta, GA